Love is in the air

I have got a lovely love story for you to tell.

Once upon a time on a wooden fence there were two snails- Miss snail and Mr snail. They both been looking for adventure and a big love. However they were quite far from each other and they never knew that the other one exist. They lost their hope that their dreams  will ever come true..

image    image


After 3 hours 14 mins and 46 seconds they finally met! It was a love at first sight and from then on they were unseparable. They have decided to travel together and they were willing to love. As love is not looking at one another but to look in the same direction. That was their motto.


Snails spent together every single minute, the romance was very intense and full of passion.

image  image  image  image

Miss snail was very happy, over the moon even. She loves Mr snail and she could travel with him any time, anywhere not knowing where is she going as long as he was there next to her. Mr snail loves her too….however he wanted something more, something else… It wasn’t enough for him. miss snail was hurt but she understood and she let him go…So he gave her one last kiss and he has never turned back…

image  image


…and that’s how Mr snail started his new adventure. Looking for new things in his life, on his own.

Miss snail wasnt upset but full of hope and she remember his last words: ” wait for me, I will be back”.

image  image  image




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