Garden / Ogród

I am on a little vacation 🙂 I went to visit my parents in Poland and by the way I had a pleasure to go and see their lovely garden. There is so many beautiful fruits, vegetables, animals and flowers to photograph so I spent ages doing it. This place is so peaceful and I am not surprised at all that my parents spend there hours every day.  


DSC_0892editedDSC_0901edited DSC_0899edited




DSC_1030edited DSC_1027edited DSC_1025edited


DSC_0807edited DSC_0940edited DSC_0941edited DSC_0942edited DSC_0951edited DSC_0963edited DSC_0968edited DSC_0967edited DSC_1098edited DSC_1097edited DSC_1080edited DSC_1078edited

Cucumber leaf


Grape leaf

DSC_1038edited DSC_1053edited


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